Our mission is to welcome, respect, serve, teach, support and guide all youth towards the achievement of reaching their full potential.

We carry the vision for all youth to “Reach for the Sky!”

Building Bridges For Youth offers programs to assist youth to discover and learn creative ways to experience success in life through team-building & life skill development. Our mission is to create a peer support system for youth, foster an appreciation of nature and promote a spirit of multiculturalism.

The BBFY art studio riding horses horses group photo D with goat goat

What the youth say

“I went to the BBFY farm with a few other girls. We became friends. I was afraid to get up on the horse. I felt shaky and afraid inside. It took me three days but then I did it, because the horse was patient and kind. I climbed up and WOW, what a great feeling! I started to feel safe. My friends were so happy for me. That made me happy and I felt strong inside.”

callie the horse