Our Team


We are a team of dedicated people, including teachers, health care professionals, horse specialists, life skill coaches, musicians, computer specialists and youth workers.

stanley and the henOur animals love youth with unconditional acceptance! We consider them to be a vital part of our team. Their purpose is to engage youth in nature and teach them about harmony and balance in life. They love to have fun!

Our Programs

Our small groups, led by enthusiastic and skilled mentors, provide an environment for the development of self-confidence and self-worth within youth in a calm farm setting. Small groups develop a sense of bonding and address the need to belong. The animals and the beauty of nature provide a safe place for youth to develop a sense of trust.

learning about the computer






Programs are designed to reflect our holistic and integrated approach and include:

  • Horse and Animal Care
  • Drama and Story-telling
  • Arts and Crafts
  • Computer Programs
  • Leadership Development
  • Music
  • Environmental and Wildlife Appreciation

We care and we are here to help!

Experience fun...



            and nature!


Programs are for youth 6 to 10 years of age

What the youth say

The first day at the BBFY farm, I did something wrong. I felt bad, but it was like I could not control what I did. Well, there was this sharing circle in the Art studio, where the six of us sat. One of the kids had made a Talking Stick and the rule was the only one who could speak was the one holding the Talking Stick. When my turn came, I held the stick and I said that I was sorry for the mistake I made. They forgave me and that was so special. Then I was able to make good changes.